Business watchdog needed

I wonder if I am the only person to think that the Government is seriously remiss in not having created the equivalent of The Better Business Bureau (US) or the Trading Standards Board (UK).

The Government needs to rethink its priorities and give some thought to protecting the public from the crooks who flourish on this island with impunity.

Let me present a case in point.

I appointed a local draftsman over four months ago to draw the plans for my home. He demanded a $3,000 advance payment, which I happily paid, with trust.

Nothing was ever done. We were lucky to get back $2,500. He holds on to the balance, saying that he did, after all, do some work.

Yet when my brother asked to view the work, he was unable to do so as it was on a computer.

Shortly after when a family friend visited the fellow and asked to take the work with her, sadly, the computer was broken.

Several weeks have passed and not only does he ignore my letters but conspicuously avoids all meetings and phone conversations.

Were he an honest man, he would have printed out this elusive piece of work and delivered it.

Such a man is able to continue to practice with freedom in the Cayman Islands due to the absence of any legislation. The above mentioned organizations, I know from my own experience, respond quickly and with immense efficiency.

Dawn dell Aria

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