Today’s Editorial: Making a positive move

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has armed itself with a new tool to fight crime.

A new mobile police station has just been put to the test – and passed with flying colours – on the streets of East End.

The gleaming white over-sized van was imported from Florida to boost the visibility of police patrols and offer communities a sense of security.

The arrival of the van is timely, especially after the recent spate of shootings in East End and West Bay.

The public called upon RCIP immediately to become more aggressive in the fight against crime.

Even the Governor and Police Commissioner Buel Braggs turned their attention to the UK to get some needed help in the form of an investigator.

The shootings appear to have either stopped or in a lull, but that doesn’t mean the police or the community can rest.

Bringing the mobile police unit to Grand Cayman is evidence those in the police department aren’t resting on their laurels.

In addition to adding to the visibility of the force and offering solace, the mobile station can be used as a central command post during an emergency.

It can also be taken to crime hot spots in the various districts when, and if, needed.

The mobile unit can also help residents and visitors on Grand Cayman help the police.

Too often it has been said that many witnesses to crimes are leery of coming forward with information for the police.

This unit will mean that witnesses will be able to meet with police on site at the mobile unit instead of having to travel to headquarters in George Town.

The mobile unit that passed the test in East End is a prototype of sorts.

Police will see how well it goes over in other districts and it is possible that later down the road more units could be brought in – possibly one for each district.

The units would be answers to prayers to districts, especially those in the East where there is one police car that makes its way through East End and North Side.

The police stations in those two districts have been dormant for years and residents have implored police for more coverage, especially to stop those speeding on the roads.

We hope the further testing of this unit proves fruitful and that similar units will be seen as feasible.

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