Sultan’s airbus to be registered in Cayman

A huge A320 Airbus which has been parked at Owen Roberts International Airport recently, is the property of a Saudi Arabian Sultan and is here to be registered.

The giant, gleaming white plane, which can accommodate up to 150 passengers, is a private operation. It was expected that the plane would be ready to fly out of Cayman yesterday.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) there are approximately 102 planes registered in the Cayman Islands. This includes the Cayman Airways fleet, Island Air fleet and the MRCU planes.

The Cayman Islands is a popular place for aircraft registry because of anonymity, tax purposes and security, said the CAA.

Important names with aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands include Volkswagen, Rolls Royce and the Duke of Westminster. Primarily the companies with planes registered here are from the UK, Europe and the US, with some of the aircraft also based in Romania, Singapore and Canada.

The CAA said it’s rare that aircraft come here to get registered. In most cases, the CAA goes to where the aircraft is based. But in this particular case, those involved with the Airbus elected to come here for several weeks.

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