Enough wedding pie to go around

As the wedding market is a growing one, tourism partners were told at a meeting last week to work together rather than fighting for their share of it.

‘If we do our job right there should be more than enough share for everyone,’ said Director of Tourism Pilar Bush at meeting to disclose the Department of Tourism’s 2005/06 Destinations Weddings Strategy and Promotions Plan.

Private sector partners attended for advice on how to benefit from the lucrative visitor segment of the market and on how to promote their businesses overseas by working with the DoT.

In fact, more help is just around the corner through the introduction of Cayman Wedding Workshop which will teach participants how to do effective long-distance wedding planning and marketing, including website improvement.

Wedding expert Rebecca Grinnals of Engaging Concepts, who is helping DoT with the new wedding initiatives, said her company is looking at starting the workshops in June and taking them through to the fall.

She urged industry partners keen on getting involved in this wedding growth area to commit to the market and come up with innovative ideas.

The importance of these visitors has to be recognised and embraced, she said.

Their support of bridal and trade shows via collateral or presence is important, along with a willingness to participate in promotional opportunities.

Some of her ‘top tips’ include:

sprucing up websites to include amazing visuals.

the need to over-communicate with brides immediately and effectively.

embrace couples’ guests and communicate directly with them.

ensure they are extra special customers

create a romance/wedding expert on staff.

participate actively and support DoT initiatives.

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