Today’s Editorial: Celebrate Earth Week

Being a good steward of Earth should be a daily event in the lives of everyone.

Taking care of this planet should always be a priority.

This week has been set aside to give us all a gentle nudge in reminding us that our natural resources are of tremendous importance.

Many activities have been planned, from tree plantings to beach cleanups to lectures.

Here in the Cayman Islands most of us know the importance of nature.

The building, planting and maintenance of district parks is one of the latest projects to demonstrate an appreciation of plants, animals and people.

Throughout the islands there are marine parks where certain species are protected.

All over the islands people are replanting trees, flowers, plantations and gardens to bring greenery and shade, sustenance and beauty back to the Cayman Islands.

Efforts have been made post-Ivan to clean up, repair and care for the coral reefs. A close, constant eye must be kept on the reefs here and worldwide. They are fragile and can survive only in a narrow band of temperature variations.

Much seal-life depends on the reefs for habitat. To lose our reefs would mean the disappearance of many of the beautiful creatures that we and our visitors enjoy.

We must take care of land and sea.

Sadly, there is still too much trash on the sides of roads from people tossing garbage out of their vehicle windows.

There is still too much trash finding its way into the sea and fresh water ponds that dot the Cayman Islands.

Everyone must do a better job of policing themselves and their neighbours when it comes to trash and garbage.

Post Ivan we have been witness to mounds of debris piled up on the roadsides, behind people’s homes and in empty lots.

Recovering from Ivan is a long and arduous process. Those whose job it has been to rid the islands of debris are to be commended, but the work must continue.

Take a moment this week to reflect on Mother Earth and our natural resources. If you see trash on the ground, bend over, pick it up and dispose of it properly.

Apart from its people, the environment is Cayman’s only natural resource. Our lifestyle and the country’s economy are based on it.

We must make sure that it remains viable.

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