Earth Week gets a jump-start from RBC

Earth Week began on Sunday, but a number of staff from Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company made an early start with a beach clean-up on Saturday.

After the office social committee decided to take on a community project for Earth Week, Mr. Simon Garnett contacted the Nation Trust office for some ideas.

General manager Frank Roulstone suggested Great Beach as an area that needed attention. Although it was miles away on the north coast, the RBC crew was hard at work by 7am.

Participants included Mr. Garnett, Ms Regina Clarke, Ms Natasha Levy, Ms Anna Pereira Johnson, Ms Georgette Eugene-Dewey, Ms Carmelita Seymour and Ms Monica Zunica-Ebanks.

Several of the workers said they had never been there before, but it was so beautiful they would come back. Hopefully they will find the beach as clean as they left it.

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