New parcel rules from Canada Post

Sending a parcel to Canada from the Cayman Islands now entails following a few easy steps.

‘New regulations from Canada Post require that parcels being mailed to Canada must state the sender’s full name and address, along with a completed Cayman Islands parcel form,’ explained Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow.

‘If this information is not included your parcel may not be admitted to Canada and will be returned to the Cayman Islands.’

Problems with delivery should not arise if the form, including full declaration of the contents, their value and the sender’s name and address are given.

Canada Post apply charges for the return of parcel items ‘not admitted’ to Canada by its customs authorities, the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA), due to the lack of a sender’s name and address.

If a parcel is rejected by CBSA, the Cayman Islands Postal Service will seek reimbursement of the Canada Post return charges from the customer when the parcel is returned. Returned parcels will be sent by the lowest priority mail normally used or in accordance with sender’s instructions in the event of non-delivery.

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