Cingular introduces exclusive phone

Cingular Wireless announces the exclusive availability of the Motorola V551 in the Cayman Islands.

After being first to bring the Motorola Razr to Cayman in December, Cingular once again demonstrates its ability to be the first to bring the newest, most technologically advanced devices to Cayman. Leveraging EDGE technology (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution), this new compact flip phone delivers a rich productivity and multimedia experience to Cingular Wireless customers, states a press release.

Cingular’s EDGE network accelerates the evolutions of GSM technology to the next level by providing higher data rates and capabilities. Complemented by the rich features on the Motorola V551, users will experience quick and easy access to Cingular’s mMode and the ability to surf the internet, download applications, and to send and receive images.

‘The model V551 is an important addition to the Motorola lineup at Cingular Wireless, joining the world’s hottest handset, the Moto Razr V3.’

‘We are excited to offer Cingular Wireless customers yet another exclusive, state-of-the-art device,’ said Raul Nicholson-Coe, General Manager, Cingular Wireless. ‘The V551 joins the world’s hottest handset, the Razr V3, as a multifunctional phone, providing video capture and playback, MP3 format ringtone capability and exciting Bluetooth wireless technology-all at surprisingly affordable rate plans that include calls to any local number.’

For mobile productivity needs, this full-featured device also includes an embedded speakerphone, 5 MB of memory and global quad-band capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

Cingular Wireless customers can now enjoy the Motorola V551 on the largest digital voice and data network in Cayman and the US. The Motorola V551 is available at all Cingular retail locations. The price is $199 with a one-year contract or $299 on EZEE! Prepaid with US Roaming capability. For more information, please visit or .

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