TeleCayman launches phone service

The Islands’ telecommunications sector, which was served by a monopoly for many years, saw the exciting process of liberalisation unfold in July 2003 leading to the mobile market opening to competition.

Until recently, however, no alternative carriers have launched with a fixed line product, despite residents and businesses strongly voicing their need for choice and competition, states a TeleCayman press release.

In order to answer this public demand for choice, Cayman’s first new carrier to both the residential and business market, of fixed lines and data is available. TeleCayman has designed and built an advanced network infrastructure to suit the specific communications needs of Cayman Islands.

Gloria Glidden, President and COO said TeleCayman was excited to take up the challenge presented by full and open competition and was pleased the people of Cayman could now capture the benefits which flowed from it – including lower prices, higher level of service quality and innovation.

‘We are proud to be the first alternative provider of land lines in the history of the Cayman Islands and are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the exceptional quality of product and service levels that they expect and deserve.’ said Mrs. Glidden.

Located in the Cayman Corporate Centre in the heart of George Town, TeleCayman provides residential and business local and long distance voice, private line circuits and internet to the Cayman Islands. Coverage was limited to George Town, West Bay Road, South Sound and Industrial Park after the storm has now been extended to include Red Bay, Prospect, Savannah, Lower Valley, Newlands and East End following extensive restoration work. West Bay restoration is expected to be complete by end of May.

Mrs. Glidden commented ‘We are delighted that we are able to extend our coverage so that residents and businesses within the Red Bay to Lower Valley can enjoy our services. We have had considerable interest from people in those areas and we are now able to satisfy their requests.’

Companies in the international business and tourism industries have been the backbone of the economic success of the Cayman Islands but need an advanced telecommunications option to further develop. Using technical standards that rank among the highest in the world and equipped with an impressive team of technical experts and customer care representatives, TeleCayman is set to take the Cayman Islands telecommunications sector into a new era of success, the release states.

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