Spotts to be ready for winter season

Spotts Dock should be ready for use by the next winter cruise season.

The Spotts facility is used for cruise ships when waters are too choppy in George Town.

The site is being upgraded to new mandated security and safety standards under the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

It has only been permitted to operate in emergency circumstances since the ISPS Code was mandated in July.

According to the Port Facility Security Officer Joseph Woods, there is no rush in getting Spotts up and running right now as this time of year the cruise support facility is not usually needed. He said it should be operational for the next winter season.

Plans for the Spott’s facility have been submitted to TRANSEC for approval. TRANSEC is the Department of Transport’s security directorate in the UK. The site has already been inspected by TRANSEC.

Mr. Woods said he does not know how long until TRANSEC gives word on the dock’s approval to operate.

‘It depends on their workload and they also have to submit the plans to the International Maritime Organisation to inform them of the situation,’ he said.

The parking lot is the remaining part of the project to be finished and the Port Authority is currently waiting on an estimate for this part of the work.

A large area has been fenced at Spotts Landing, stretching from the water right up to near the road-side. This is for safety and security measures.

The code was triggered by US terrorist attacks in 2001, after which the cruise ship industry was viewed as being vulnerable.

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