Parliamentary question questioned

I refer to the recent parliamentary question about cable-TV service asked by the Second Elected Member for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

It is somewhat surprising that the Speaker allowed the substantive question as the answer is in the public domain.

It is even more surprising that the member found it necessary to ask a supplementary question, enquiring when cable service would begin in Cayman Brac.

Weststar TV commenced cable service to Cayman Brac on 5 June, 1995.

During Hurricane Ivan, full service was maintained, enabling subscribers to track the storm on the Weather Channel until power was interrupted at 6pm on 11 Sept.

Electricity was restored at 10am the following day, and a limited cable service, including the Weather Channel, commenced immediately.

Missing channels were brought back on-air as repairs were made; this took 10 days.

The Spot Bay relay transmitter suffered major damage, which was repaired and service to that district restored on 20 Sept.

Problems at individual houses were substantially corrected by 23 Sept. The Little Cayman relay transmitter was repaired and service restored on 24 Sept.

But Mr. Martin must know all this; he has cable TV to watch and constituents to consult.

Chris Randall

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