Bartenders earn TIPS

Cobalt Coast Resort is the first local resort to receive TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) training.

The programme educates people who serve alcohol in bars and restaurants to recognise when customers are becoming intoxicated so that they do not drive drink.

Three bartenders from Cobalt Coast Resort, Raju Gopal, Edward McGrattan and Shannon McCallum, took part in the training in March.

‘The course was very useful. My awareness of possible problems for people who are drinking has definitely been raised, and from now on I will be better prepared to deal with such situations,’ said Mr. McGrattan.

Participants have received confirmation from the international programme that they are certified.

‘Businesses and other organisations that use TIPS get immediate pay-back in terms of lowered risk and a safer, more responsible work environment,’ said Mrs. Catherine Chesnut, CEO and Co-ordinator of the National Drug Council.

‘TIPS training can add valuable advantages including promoting public safety, demonstrating an active, positive and visible involvement in the community, and improved customer service and satisfaction.’

Mr. Arie Barendrecht, General Manager of Cobalt Coast Resort, was extremely enthusiastic and welcoming of the TIPS programme.

‘If taking part in this training can help better public safety, prevent drunk driving, under-age drinking and other improper social behaviour due to alcohol use, then this is a positive move for the community. I encourage other establishments to participate their staff in this training.’

The NDC plans to continue its training in local bars and restaurants. For more about the programme contact NDC at 949-9000.

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