Pc Jones is commended

Reiterating the comments made in court by Magistrate Margaret Ramsey Hale, the Commissioner of Police Mr. Buel Braggs commended the officer involved in the recent successful bribery case of Australian national Mr. Matthew Amidy who received a six-month custodial sentence 13 April.

Acting Commissioner of Police Anthony Ennis also states that PC Dwayne Jones acted with professionalism and integrity that is expected of all Police Officers within the RCIP.

Without hesitation PC Jones arrested Mr. Amidy after being offered CI$100.

Mr. Amidy was a passenger in a vehicle in which the driver was arrested for DUI 18 December, 2004.

Pc Jones is an officer posted at West Bay with three years experience in Cayman and a further seven years serving in Jamaica.

‘The suspect acted dishonestly in his attempt to bribe me. This I considered to be an insult to the uniform I wear, and the men and women with whom I serve with in the RCIPs,’ Mr. Jones said.

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