Bumper holds sentimental value

Early Saturday morning, 5 March, a 1995 blue Honda Integra driven by Chadwick (Chad) Wood was involved in the accident on Linford Pierson Highway.

The rear bumper of this car came off and was left on the roadside, heading east near where some wreaths have been placed.

Chad did some special decorative mesh work on this beautiful blue rear bumper on both sides of the licence plate, no. 95 432 and also on the left and right sides of the lower part of the bumper.

If anyone has knowledge of the whereabouts of this blue rear bumper, please contact Aline and Cebert Wood, Chad’s parents, who would be most grateful to have this special bumper returned to their possession as he prized this work and it was of sentimental value to us.

A reward will be given to the person returning it.

Please call immediately at 928-0602 or 916-2638. No questions will be asked.

Thank you for your compassionate consideration and may God bless you.

Aline Wood

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