Thanks to a caring retailer

I would like to say a big thank you to Cox Lumber company, especially Jerry.

After Ivan we were all in a state of shock and horror.

My immediate concern was to safeguard my property from more damage.

I needed supplies and although had taken the pre-Ivan advice to get cash that was needed to survive, i.e. eat and drink and buy gas, Cox Lumber had what I needed as I was fortunate to have a vehicle for a few days and got there fast.

When it came to pay I expected them to insist on cash (it was a fairly hefty bill). To my amazement I was told to prevent me from being short they would take debit details and take it from my account when they had the ability.

I think this was such a trusting and humanitarian action they should get the credit.

I have continued to purchase all ensuing materials from them as a gesture of thanks and also because they very noticeably did not price gouge. Thank you again for your service Cox.

Jan Robshaw

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