Let’s help the tourists

To walk Harbour Drive on cruise-ship days at peak hours is to be constantly approached by visitors seeking information about everything under the sun, and even under the sea. The questions are numerous, earnest and varied, and the sight of someone helping a visitor leads other tourists to come and ask for help.

Based on the above scenario, which occurs daily, I am convinced there is a clear need for two articulate information persons, identified as such in some way (perhaps an Ask Me sign), walking Harbour Drive between 8am and 4pm on cruise-ship days.

The visitor satisfaction ingredient from a shore visit would see a great rise from this service, and the positive feedback for our destination would be huge.

Additionally, business would benefit greatly from the consequent streaming of customers. In fact, given the benefit to them, I expect business would see the value of making a contribution to meeting the two salaries involved.

Two such representatives of Cayman, chosen carefully for their pleasant personality and general knowledge, would take a lot of the stress out of a trip ashore for the cruise-ship multitudes.

And there’s another benefit. Those two representatives, dealing directly with the customer, could provide credible insights into such areas as how visitors see this destination, what services are lacking and what we’re not doing right.

Properly trained to absorb information, they could provide us solid visitor feedback, for use by both the Department of Tourism and tourism businesses, at a fraction of what the consultants would charge us.

Dave Martins

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