Little League All Star games

In the annual Little League All Star game for the Pony Division on Saturday, Tanner Hatch drew first blood with a lead off home run. Paul Foster scored next for the Too Hot,CAPA,Burgerking allstar team by Stealing home. Jon Louis Beuadet was then able to shut down the opposing team with three strike outs in a row. The team consisting of Progressive distributors, Esso and Sports Supply were able to match their opponents with a lead off home run from Kyle Fraser, followed by Shawn Larsen who hit a double then was able to steal third base and home.End of the first inning score tied 2 runs each.

In the bottom of the Second Too Hot, Burgerking, and CAPA Were Kept from scoring, Eric Wight struck out two of four batters, the third out came when Laura Connoly hit a line drive to the first baseman who only had to step on his base to get the third out. Progressive, Esso And Sportsupply scored three runs in the top of the second for a 5-2 lead.

Zach Larsen (catcher) threw a rocket to Joeneil Bent picking off Jason Ritch while attempting to steal second base for the first out in the bottom of the third. Shawn Larsen (pitcher) then struck out Joel Durkson for the second out. Tan-ner Hatch hit a line drive to the first baseman for the third out. Dave scott (left field) caught a fly ball hit by Zach Larsen for the first out in the top of the third. CAPA’s Oliver Smith made a spectacular diving catch in left center field that deprived Joeneil Bent what would surely have been a home run. The last out of the inning was delivered to Progressive ‘ s Krystal Arch who bunted but was unable to make it to first base before Dequan Bennet Catcher threw her out. End of three Progressive, Esso,Sportsupply 7, Too Hot CAPA,Burgerking 3.

The bottom of the fourth Paul Foster hit a lead off home run and his teammate Oliver Smith scored next by stealing home on a passed the top of the fourth Progressive,Sportsupply,Esso scored 6 runs to win the game 14-3.

In the All Star Game on Saturday for the 10 to 12 Boys Division Olde, Coldwell & Dart had 4 players each for one team, team 1, with Island paving, Deloitte and Grand Harbour making up the second, team 2 . Team 2 took an early lead and lead 6 to 4 at the end of the second inning. Team 1 had some very good hitting from Kyle Thompson and Giovanni Bush and lead 12 to 6 going into the sixth in-ning. Team 2 was able to close the gap with a grand slam by Rashad Rankin, but fell short with a final score of 12 to 10 in favour of Team 1. All players played extremely well and, above all, had alot of fun.

Price-Waterhouse-Coopers were the champion team of the 13-16 division.

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