Rein in landlords

I’ve asked this question and seem to get no answer: Why don’t we have rent and housing laws? We have laws for everything under the sun.


Because if we are a tourist-oriented island, we need to look out for our people.

There are a lot of us Caymanians who were not lucky to get a piece of land or marry money, but some people think because they were lucky enough to inherit or buy a piece of property, they can make a killing out there.

I remember when you could get a decent place to live for CI$300 to CI$500 a month, but since Ivan, people have gone money crazy. I wonder if these same people sleep well at night.

Please, if there is someone out there who is looking out for the poor people of the Cayman Islands, there are landlords who are raising the rent or evicting people to let other people have somewhere to live, while other persons don’t have anywhere to go because the island is overpopulated.

There are people who come to the island and don’t have anywhere to stay and so they go to the greedy landlords and promise them more money. What do the landlords do? They evict the poor Caymanian or Jamaican from their place. If you don’t leave, they throw you on the street.

At this time as a Caymanian, I am fed up with this policy. You want to know what is going on?

Ask most Caymanians or Jamaicans and, if they are not afraid, they will tell you, ‘My landlord raised my rent after Ivan’ or ‘I need somewhere to live.’

That’s why we need someone to look into this. You can’t speak because it is like you are the one committing a crime. I know these are their places, but still the landlords are killing us, the poor people of the Cayman Islands.

Name withheld by request