Today’s Editorial, July 05

Bartender, chefs good ambassadors

Those of us who live and play in the Cayman Islands know – or should – the wide variety of excellent food and drink available at restaurants of all ilks throughout the country.

Now the rest of the world – or at least those at the Caribbean Hotel Industry Conference in Miami – does.

Chefs and a bartender from the Cayman Islands did their home country proud last week at the Taste of the Caribbean portion of the conference.

Competition at the event is tense and heated each year.

While the chefs from Cayman are seasoned preparers of luxurious and scrumptious fare, they have the luxury while on island of working in familiar surroundings with familiar ingredients.

At home these chefs have the benefit of knowing ahead what’s going to be on the menu. And they have the time to perfect their creations.

The stiff competition at the conference involves a basket of secret ingredients with one large mandate; successfully blend, merge and meld the basket of unknowns and whip up a wonderful dinner.

That’s a daunting task by any measure.

Our bartender wowed the judges with special concoctions, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Also taking on the challenge were chefs and bartenders from Bonaire, Bahamas, St. Lucia, US Virgin Islands, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Curacao, Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico and Sint Maarten/St. Martin.

Everyone who participated in the competition from the Cayman Islands is to be congratulated for their efforts and successes.

Once again a delegation has travelled far to put the Cayman Islands on the map and prove to the world that we have so much more to offer than our inviting blue and green waters and beautiful beaches.

Congratulations chefs and bartender. And thank you for putting the Cayman Islands on the culinary map once again.