CIFA Youth Fest a hit

Even with ominous dark clouds looming overhead and drizzling rain some 250+ youngsters and their parents turned out to the T.E. McField ‘Annex’ venue on Saturday morning for the 2005 CIFA Annual Youth Football Festival.

Also in attendance were MLAs Lucille Seymour and Osbourne Bodden as well as CIFA President Jeffrey Webb who served as judges for the parade. With the rain coming down steadily the kids held their heads high and proudly paraded reds and whites, purples, yellows, blues and a multitude of other colourful uniforms.

Following the parade and inspection of all participating teams, amongst raised umbrellas and rain coats, the judges citing all teams as winners for turning up despite the rain, awarded each team top honours for the parade. ‘You are all winners and all look so wonderful,’ Ms. Seymour said prior to presenting the award to each team along with the other judges.

The participating children did not seem to be at all phased by the rain and were eager to get back on the field chasing after the ball. With only two teams being allowed to take the field at any one time those that were forced to wait spent the time on the side lines kicking around any unclaimed ball they could find.

Reflecting on the event CIFA President Jeffrey Webb said, ‘It was surprising to see so many children out, even with the rain threatening to put a damper on the event. Their enthusiasm and determination was really inspirational. There are a few outstanding performances that will be unforgettable. Some youngsters, in particular one nicknamed ‘Beckam’, with the right encouragement are destined for great things in the future.’

East End FC won the Under 23 rally title, while Future FC and St. Ignatius Catholic School won the Under 12 girls and boys rallies respectively.

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