Dogs on last legs at shelter

Tino and Eve are just a couple of inseparable pals who want nothing more than a loving home in which to see out their days together.

But so far the dogged efforts of the Cayman Islands Humane Society to find a home for the two long-term residents at their animal shelter have come to nought.

And despite the care being lavished on the pair of pooches, staff are worried that the depressed dogs are losing some weight and showing signs that they might be going downhill a little.

‘It would help even if we could just find someone to foster them at weekends and give them a bit of mental stimulation,’ said shelter manager Jackie Zelaya.

Labrador Tino and Cayman mix Eve have been at the shelter for about seven years after their former owner left the island and was unable to take them along.

Until fairly recently the pair had been acting as guard dogs at the shelter.

‘But they are gentle dogs that everyone loves and we just can’t split them up,’ said Jackie.

‘They get on well with other dogs and with people,’ she added.

They need some daily medication and have skin allergies which mean they need to be kept out of the heat, explained Jackie.

‘We owe it to them to find them a good, caring home,’ said the Humane Society’s Suzanne Gatta.

‘They are lovely laid back dogs, almost like a couple of senior citizens.’

The Humane Society can be contacted on 949-1461.

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