Today’s Editorial: Editorial insulting to Jamaicans

I am usually eager to read the editorial in your newspaper however the 7 July editorial Evil spirit is drifting makes me sad. I am in this mood as the overall tone of the article is suggesting that the upsurge in criminal activities in the Cayman Islands is as a result of the ‘black clouds drifting from Jamaica.’

Where is the evidence to support this? To the best of my knowledge a lot of the criminal acts being seen now are mainly young people who are not necessarily Jamaicans. Ask yourselves the nationality of the persons involved – both victims and perpetrators – of recent gang violence such as the stabbing incident at the nightclub and the shooting incident at the hospital.

Be careful not to make the mistake of assuming that it is a particular nationality and ignoring the possibility that the perpetrators could be locals. This would only lead to ineffectively addressing the situation if you start off with the wrong assumptions.

I find the editorial embarrassing to Jamaicans who are mainly here to earn an honest living and not jeopardize their work permits. I am in no way sheltering Jamaicans if it is proven that they are the instigators; then blame them.

However do not blame them on unsubstantiated claims. This is a very biased editorial. There are Jamaicans working in other jurisdictions throughout the Caribbean region and I don’t hear of that black cloud spreading to these areas.

Name withheld by request