We need to sieve out this island

Reading the news every day, it sickens every bone in my body that our island has come to this. There are numerous robberies each day not just in George Town but island-wide. We have to ask ourselves, what is the cause of this?

The editorial Evil spirit is drifting (7 July, Caymanian Compass) about this dark cloud over Grand Cayman is so true. This dark cloud has been caused mainly because this island needed extra workers for a time after Hurricane Ivan which resulted in recruiting people from off the island for labour. These people were bought to this island, where the crime rate was already growing at a rapid rate, to help increase these rates.

If there was a study on the increase in crime after Ivan you would be surprised about the numbers. Ask yourself why these numbers are increasing every day. Just when you thought that you had seen it all and that crime could not get any worse, it does.

Many of the people that came here to rebuild the island came for a three to six-month period of work but I am guessing were given a one-year work permit.

What happens when the three to six-month’s work is done and these people are out of work? They have to eat and rent also. Where do they get money to support themselves?

These crimes are for means of survival.

The Immigration Department needs to do an investigation on all permits granted after the hurricane. They need to ensure that they are all employed and that their salary is enough to survive on.

The people who do not have steady employment should be sent back to their hometown. I am telling you that there would be a lot of people on that flight.

Further to that investigation, ensure that all permit holders are in fact working with the permit holder. There are a lot of Caymanians doing favours and taking permits out for people to allow them to walk the streets of Cayman. This causes crime and prostitution, but that is a whole other topic altogether.

This could be one step to reduce the crime rate. At the rate we are going, every little bit counts.

Nadia Dalley

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