Kudos for Indies coverage

Let me begin by expressing my appreciation for Alan Markoff’s reporting on the Indies Suites situation.

I own two weeks of timeshare at Indies Suites. Mr. Foster’s press statement is inaccurate in many ways, but most importantly, we Indies timeshare owners are not just a small group of disgruntled individuals.

We are, like the Caymanian people, friendly, close-knit, trustworthy, trusting to a fault, proud of our investment (or what we thought was our investment), and just want to be treated fairly.

When we were informed five months after the fact — and having waited patiently and with trust in Mr. Foster — we all were shocked, outraged, and, most importantly, heart-broken.

We lost a place we all loved, an island that captivated us, a close-knit group of friends and great other timeshare owners.

A paradise within a paradise, now gone; not just destroyed by a natural disaster, but no hope of rebuilding as contracted in our agreements.

I find Mr. Foster’s statement insulting.

Thank you for your clear reporting and truthful approach to this issue.

Kevin England


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