Campbells top the grade

When it comes to smarts and getting good grades at school 17-year-old Andrew and 13-year-old Andrea Campbell are tops.

Between the two remarkable teens they have received over 120 certificates and 42 trophies among other awards and merits too numerous to count.

Not only have this brother and sister achieved top students on leaving John Gray and George Hicks High Schools but they have been top students throughout their entire school years.

‘And what it takes is paying attention in class, listening keenly to the teacher, doing your homework and studying when there is a test,’ said Andrew.

He said a lot of his classmates asked him if he ‘eats books,’ if his parents never gave him any toys but made him read a lot of books when he was small.

‘Actually I don’t study any more than they do. I just pay attention in class and study for tests.

‘The primary thing for students to remember is they go to school to learn, and during classes talk distracts them from learning.

‘Sometimes I get caught up in the chatting but I try to pay attention,’ said Andrew.

For his excellent achievement at Cayman Academy, Andrew even has an award named after him, the Andrew Campbell Award. He also received a two-year scholarship to the college of his choice from Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) on leaving John Gray.

Both Andrew and Andrea were named top students throughout all the schools in the Cayman Islands when they sat the common entrance exams to attend high school.

According to parents Christopher and Daphine Campbell they are just two ordinary children who have exceptional talents with strengths in the sciences.

She said that when young Andrea started school she came back home and said she did not like school and would not return.

‘We never pressure the kids, they are taught to put God first and give him praise. At home we guide them, don’t let them watch too much television or play too many video games, but are encouraged to do chores, homework and become involved in activities.

‘I always left them to explore what their strengths were and to maximise on them. I always insisted that whatever they did they should try to be happy and not just do something because it is what we want them to do.’

On a par with each other in school activities, both Andrew and Andrea said their favourite subjects at school are mathematics and science. Both love music; Andrew plays the saxophone and piano and Andrea the piano, clarinet and recorder.

When asked about career choices both said they had not decided as yet but had thought about becoming doctors. Andrea said she did not like the sight of blood so that made her change her mind. Andrew said he would like to work with something in the field of maths and science.

The two have followed into the footsteps of their well-established parents.

Being a top student throughout his school years, Mr. Campbell is a real estate developer and Mrs. Campbell, vice president, fund accounting manager at Goldman Sachs (Cayman) Trust, Limited.

For getting good grades throughout their school years, Andrew and Andrea were given an eight-day trip to the Dominica Republic and a 10-day trip to St Louis, Missouri.

At present Andrew said he is in the process of applying to the Antillean Adventist University to do a one year study in Spanish. Andrea will move on to John Gray High School.

Mrs. Campbell said her motto was always to encourage her children to do their best. ‘I am always there for them and I believe if you keep children occupied that is the key to keeping them focused. Kept busy they do not have time for idleness.’

Andrew and Andrea said they always kept busy, whether it was helping dad around the yard, or mom in the home.

‘One key ingredient in all this is making time for your children, as parents to be united because the success of your children begins at home. Prepare a solid foundation at home and built on that. Home is where it starts, then school and then church,’ said Mr. Campbell.’

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