Government ready for Emily

‘The country is ready’ was the message from Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts when he spoke on Friday about the approach of Hurricane Emily.

Mr. Tibbetts used the regular Cabinet briefing to make the statement but to also reinforce that a number of ‘just in case’ measures had been put into place.

‘While this system does pose a possible threat to the Islands, particularly Grand Cayman, all residents should be assured that this country is ready,’ Mr Tibbetts told the briefing.

‘The lessons learned from Ivan and reinforced as recently as last week as we prepared for Dennis, have borne sound fruit,’ he said.

Hurricane committees were in an advanced state of readiness and contingencies had been made for regional police officers to augment the local force if necessary, he said.

The RCIP had also called in all off duty and Special Constabulary personnel and assembled a contingent of volunteers to cover strategic activities, he added.

Britain had stockpiled supplies in the region and the UK Department for International Development had an advisor on standby in Kingston who would come to Cayman if it proved necessary, said Mr. Tibbetts.

The International Red Cross also had two planes loaded with relief supplies on standby should help be needed.

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