Red Cross supports national shelters

During the Hurricane Emily, Red Cross housed 68 residents in its shelter in George Town, and also sent teams of volunteers to all national shelters on the island.

All volunteers were trained in shelter management and administration of first aid and CPR. These volunteers, equipped with first aid and survival kits, provided close support to the shelter wardens assigned by the National Hurricane Committee, said a Red Cross press release.

Red Cross volunteers were prepared for the worst but luckily Emily did not put their expertise to test. The release said volunteers were happy for having done their service, and getting more experience in the event of future disasters.

Red Cross volunteers at shelters:

West Bay Primary

Sherlene Schmid

Elease Whilby

George Town Primary

Sonia Campbell

Shirlene Hurlstone

John Gray High School

Murreen Broomfield

Monica Sweeney

George Hicks High School

Carol Edwards

Novlet Dean

Community College

Elvia Wood

Lesbia Antonio

Red Cross

Cheryl Perez

Nek Nazary

Liway Jocson

Prospect Primary

Elizabeth Stewart

Herfer Hyde

Voilet Wilson

Bodden Town Primary

Chelsea Blair

Louise Malcolm

Breakers Community Hall

Mercedes Betancourt

East End Civic Centre

Barry Jones

Sandra Miller

North Side Civic Centre

Roger Brown

Dina Douglas

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