Trailer homes repairs slow moving

Residents in some of Cayman’s post-hurricane trailer homes have allegedly been finding it hard getting things moving when it comes to getting things fixed.

But the National Housing and Community Development Trust has spoken out to reassure them that the organisation is doing its best to remedy the ‘teething problems’ at the new homes.

‘I understand that things need to be fixed and we are working on them as quickly as possible,’ said manager Roger Bodden.

The 84 homes were specially imported from the United States after Hurricane Ivan struck last September and were earmarked for the country’s post-hurricane needy.

The trailers were set up mainly on three sites at Bodden Town, West Bay and Fairbanks, George Town.

But after people started moving into them some had trouble with things like leaks and air conditioning problems.

And it was believed that there was only one maintenance man covering all the caravans and that meant a delay in getting things fixed.

‘We had one maintenance man originally but because of the increased number of trailers coming on line and the number of problems with them we have brought in another maintenance person and we also have a maintenance supervisor,’ said Mr. Bodden.

‘We also have independent contractors working on them doing air conditioning work and other jobs outside the maintenance expertise,’ he said.

Mr. Bodden pointed out that there was some lack of experience with trailer homes as they were new to Cayman.

He also spoke about the collection of rents and said that whatever problems they had encountered were being resolved.

They now had on staff a collections person who was going to help with the situation, he said.

‘We are working on things very hard to maintain the homes and have the correct structure for maintenance and collection,’ said Mr. Bodden.

‘I think that things will go well in the future and I think that many, many people are very happy,’ he said.

‘We are pleased that we have such housing available. But this is plainly not a permanent housing solution for people. It is a medium term solution,’ he added.

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