Disabled parking law change slated

The Government will propose a bill to amend to the Traffic Law to make it illegal to park in a spots designated for disabled people unless the car has a special decal.

Making the announcement at the Cabinet’s weekly press briefing last Friday, Minister Arden McLean indicated the rights of disabled people should be protected.

‘One of the things the PPM government is concerned about is the way handicapped people are treated in this country,’ he said.

Mr. McLean noted that the Planning Law requires commercial establishments to provide designated spots for the vehicles of handicapped people.

‘Residents of the country fail to respect handicapped parking and continue to park in these places,’ he said.

As it stands now, business owners are the ones who are enforcing violations if they choose to do so. Foster’s Food Fair hires a company to clamp cars not having handicapped signs and collect a $75 fine for its removal.

The amendment of the Traffic law would give the police the ability to enforce the law with fines and issue decals for cars transporting disabled people, Mr. McLean said.

The bill is being drafted and it is hoped it can be taken to the Legislative Assembly soon, Mr. McLean said.

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