Car City puts emphasis on

Simple strategies are often the best.

For David Hannan, Car City’s new operations manager, the key to running a successful business can be summed up in three words, great customer service.

The most valuable lesson he has learned from 25 years in the automotive trade is that, with properly trained staff and customers treated right, the business takes care of itself.

Mr. Hannan’s immediate objective for Car City’s service and parts departments, and its body shop, is to raise the level of service to a height never before seen in the Cayman Islands, states a press release.

“It’s a question of being super efficient, and ensuring we handle customers like honoured guests. Treat them as we would wish to be treated,’ he said.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. Hannan is not talking theory. He has run countless training courses.

It was in Flint, Michigan, that Mr. Hannan received an extensive education on the management side of the motor industry in the mid-1970s, when he spent three years studying at the General Motors Institute.

A customer feedback system is another device Mr. Hannan is developing to help achieve his goal of superlative service.

“That system will determine the level of satisfaction customers currently enjoy and will also pinpoint their needs and wants,” he explains. “We will then act on that information, using it to tailor Car City’s operations for an exact fit with our clientele’s needs.’

“We value input from all our customers,” he said. “We don’t care whether they drive a $500 vehicle or a $50,000 vehicle. Every customer is equally important to us.”

Mr. Hannan points out that he is in a strong position to take up this latest challenge. First, he notes, as a Cayman resident for the past eight years he has a good grasp of what drivers in Grand Cayman want from a dealership service department.

“Every member of Car City’s repair and maintenance team is a properly trained, professional technician. Between them, they have over 170 years’ experience, and they are working with state-of-the-art equipment. So we already have an excellent reputation; the best on the island, giving me a great base on which to build,” he said.

Car City’s sales department specialises in Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda, Dodge and Chrysler Jeep vehicles, both new and used. Mrs. Lolita Esteban (nee Bodden), who has led the sales team since January, points out that vehicle sales at Car City have always been strong because they’re backed by the guarantee of good service.

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