CNB loan plan helps re-grow Cayman

This summer, Cayman National Bank is encouraging its customers to buy land and help shape Cayman with its Land Loan campaign.

During the months of July and August, customers are invited to apply for land loans and if approved, receive free matured fruit trees for their properties, states a press release.

Competitive terms and conditions are available and interested persons are being requested to contact a personal banker to discuss their financing requirements.

‘Our roots are firmly planted in this country having served our community for over 30 years. We believe in the development of these Islands and want to encourage residents and in particular, first-time Caymanian borrowers to experience the prestige in owning land,’ explained Mr. Ormond Williams, CNB president. ‘This is an opportunity for young professionals to own land as one of their assets and in so doing not only create wealth but influence our country’s future.’

The theme of the campaign speaks to pride, privilege and prestige.

According to Mr. Williams, owning land is about the pride one has for his/her country, as it is a privilege to experience the prestige of purchasing property.

The Bank is also encouraging people to apply for a land loan to secure a long-term investment and as a way to build financial wealth.

‘Purchasing land may be one of the largest investment decisions our customers may ever make; certainly it’s important that they make the most wise investment choice all around,’ said Mr. John Lewis, vice president and manager, personal banking and Mortgage Centre. ‘Encouraging land purchases is our way of helping our customers plan for their future, while diversifying their reserves with long-term investments.’

The campaign began July 18, and people are invited to visit any of the six Cayman National Bank Customer Service Centres in the Cayman Islands to speak with a personal loans officer about their lending needs.

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