Cayman Airways boards the Ark

As part of its ongoing campaign to educate the public about the importance of digital archiving and document backup and recovery in the event of a disaster, Xerox distributor Cayman Business Machines has given one company a document management solution software package to assist that business with disaster planning efforts.

The national airline, Cayman Airways Limited, is the lucky recipient of Xerox’s DocuShare software solution, a package valued at $20,000, which allows businesses and their employees to capture, manage, share, and deliver information via a secure online network, states a press release.

‘As one of our clients, we thought that Cayman Airways would benefit from this innovative technology as it will allow them to digitally archive all of their documents into a digital filing solution,’ explained Gillian Bedasse, Sales Manager at Cayman Business Machines.

‘As an airline, Cayman Airways generates a high volume of paper, from tickets to faxes to emails, all of which can become cumbersome to manage and susceptible to misplacement or loss. DocuShare, which is Xerox’s answer to content management solution, will reduce CAL’s risk of document loss by providing them with a digital backup system from which documents can be easily retrieved. It merges different databases – from mail that comes in through the front door and is scanned to office documents such as faxes, memos, employment contracts and e-mails that everyone generates – and uploads all of this information to one central location for anyone with approved access to retrieve.’

According to Gillian, one of the immediate benefits that Cayman Airways will realize with DocuShare is the ease of retrieval of files or records.

‘Even though it is primarily used to archive documents, one of the greatest advantages of DocuShare is that now employees will be able to access their files in seconds rather than having to walk to a filing cabinet to find them. In addition, to increase security, this software has an option to allow only certain people to view specific files. A typical employee spends 30-40 per cent of his/her day looking for information locked in emails, documents, shared hard disks and filing cabinets but with DocuShare files can never be lost or misplaced.’

Everton Stewart, Network Administrator at Cayman Airways is pleased with the software so far. ‘It was easy to install, administer and use, and I was able to implement it in hours as opposed to weeks or months,’ says Stewart. ‘Because it is a web-based system, it is extremely easy to use which means minimal investment in IT support, as we have limited resources already.’

About the project

Cayman Business Machines, the Xerox arm in Cayman recently launched the Project Ark initiative, the goal of which is to encourage all corporate and government entities in Cayman to begin digitally archiving documents as part of their disaster preparation and recovery processes.

The campaign, which was originally created and developed by Xerox Jamaica, is based on the concept of Noah’s Ark, which, in the Bible, was a safe haven when God used floodwaters to judge mankind, and the purpose of bringing the programme to Cayman is to provide local businesses with the ability to protect all documents that are of economic, financial and historic significance.

For more information about DocuShare or Project Ark, contact Gillian at 945 9003 or [email protected].

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