Let’s all get along

There has recently been a rash of letters printed in the local newspapers decrying one nationality or another as a reaction to the upswing in crime on the island.

Whereas it is agreed that this turn of events is quite disturbing and locals and residents are understandably on edge when you combine the threat of burglaries and hurricane season, pointing fingers and making sweeping judgments is not a solution to the problem.

A few rotten apples certainly seem to be spoiling the barrel.

These crimes are not being committed by just one nationality. Let’s stop talking about Jamaicans or Caymanians or Expats and start talking about Criminals, because that’s what they are and no country has sole ownership of them.

The simple fact is that when a country becomes more and more affluent, crime is usually an inevitable part of the equation.

Stop playing the blame game and let’s all work together in a proactive manner to do something about this blight on our society.

Neighbourhood Watch programmes work very well elsewhere, requiring people to be more observant of their surroundings and take notice of the goings-on in their area.

In this case, especially considering some of the ill-feeling that appears to be going around, it might be an excellent way to encourage folk to look out for each other more often and just be, well, more neighbourly.

We also need to be more willing to get involved.

By that I don’t mean buy guns and start a vigilante group; I mean report suspicious or obviously criminal behaviour to the police and be prepared to back it up by being a witness later on down the road if need be.

Too often we are happy to sit and do nothing. If it isn’t happening to us it’s not our problem, but if we don’t take a stand now, sooner or later it will be.

Please treat people as individuals rather than tarring countrymen with the same brush. You only have to look elsewhere where there have been instances of disrespect and sometimes violence aimed toward long-term residents of Middle Eastern descent who are being unfairly blamed for the crimes of a few evil people. Breeding hatred is not the answer. Can’t we all just get along?

Victoria Wheaton

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