Today’s Editorial July 29: Chill out

People on Grand Cayman are stressed out.

Those were the words from counsellor Terry Delaney recently when asked about the rising anxiety levels of residents, especially after close calls with Hurricanes Dennis and Emily.

Mr. Delaney wasn’t telling us something most of us didn’t already know, but he did suggest a number of ways for people to get over the after-effect s of Hurricane Ivan.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Ivan disaster, Grand Cayman is still struggling in many ways to regain a sense of normalcy.

Added to concerns of escalating crime, the rising costs of living and the threat of another hurricane hitting us hard this summer, we are all on edge.

The first thing we must do is accept that what we’re going through is a normal part of our personal recovery processes, and we should warn our friends, family and work associates ahead of time when we feel very irritable, and even apologise in advance for possibly losing our temper.

They will understand, for we’ve all probably been in that boat at one time or another since Ivan.

Another thing we must do is simply talk about our feelings with someone else. Holding on to our feelings will only make the problem worse.

We must also find time to have fun again.

Many of us have found work demands even greater since Ivan. Many of us still have weekends filled with work at home because of the hurricane as we try to make things normal again.

Even if there’s enough work to keep us busy for seemingly years, we need to take a day or two off and enjoy ourselves.

Let the projects wait for a weekend and instead go to the beach.

Book a trip to Stingray City or a day at the spa.

Visit the Brac or Little Cayman for a weekend.

Have a barbeque for friends and family.

Go enjoy a movie at the cinema now that it has reopened.

Or just put up a hammock and sleep all afternoon under a tree.

The main thing is to do something you enjoy again.

The best way to regain a sense of normalcy is to do the things that we normally did before Ivan.

And it’s the best way to get over this post-Ivan grumpiness that has afflicted us all.

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