Schools slated to be ready

Work on Cayman’s schools is expected to be generally completed for the start of the new school year, Minister Alden McLaughlin told the Legislative Assembly.

A comprehensive programme of visits to schools and extensive meetings with teachers had given him a good grasp of the country’s education problems, Mr. McLaughlin said in a statement to the House.

Among the items he outlined was that a modular canteen would be installed at John Gray High School and that three modular classrooms also needed at the school would be installed at the same time.

Damaged and abandoned classrooms at George Town Primary School, which had become home to squatters, would also be demolished, he said.

Mr. McLaughlin spoke at some length of the problems at hurricane damaged George Hicks High School, which children had since been attending on a shift system and which had the prospect of having 1,200 students for the coming school year.

The site, originally designed for 750 students, had become a large, sprawling campus which had become difficult to manage, said Mr. McLaughlin.

It had now been decided to use a fence to partition the oldest section of the school from the main campus and the proposed use of the Family Life Centre and with students arriving at school at two different times.

‘All students will spend the required time in school, being taught the full curriculum,’ said Mr. McLaughlin.

Another benefit would be that students would not be out of school, many unsupervised, for major parts of the morning or afternoon, he told the House.

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