Civil service has shrunk

The size of the civil service in Cayman has decreased by more than a fifth over the last four years, according to a government report.

From a figure of 4,034 in January 2001 the number of employees fell to 3,169 by January this year, says the civil service employment information report, tabled in the Legislative Assembly.

The creation of statutory authorities – including the HAS and National Roads Authority – had been a major contributory factor in the reduction, says the report.

In the same period of time there had been a steady increase in the proportion of Caymanian employees who make up the workforce, from 57 per cent to 74 per cent.

This had been influenced by the large scale granting of Caymanian status by Cabinet during 2003, the reports adds.

There were four departments – Audit, the Governor’s Office, Legal Affairs and Vehicle and Equipment Services – where more than 50 per cent of employees were non-Caymanian.

Departments with a particularly high proportion – more than 90 per cent – of Caymanian employees included the Cabinet Office, Complaints Commissioner’s Office, Customs, District Administration, Fire, Immigration, Postal and Treasury.

The workforce was 51 per cent female and 49 per cent male but an unequal distribution of gender was still apparent, says the report.

For salaried staff, male employees constituted 60 per cent or more of employees at the highest grades while female employees constituted 79per cent or more of employees in the lowest salary ranges.

‘Across government as a whole there does not appear to be an uneven distribution of ages such as would result in risks to the organisation of large numbers of persons retiring at one time,’ says the report.

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