Indies Suites answers, please

Way back in mid April 2005 following an article in the Cayman Net News about the Indies Suites situation, a reporter, Wendy Ledger who was just been promoted to associate editor of CNN, contacted a small number of Indies Suites timeshare members (including me), and said she was writing a follow up story and would we answer four or five questions about the situation.

That was done and we awaited the follow up story to be published.

To date we have not seen the story published.

On May 25 I received an email from Wendy saying she would get back to me the following week (May 30 through June 3).

When I heard nothing I emailed the editor on June 4 asking the status of the story and had it been squashed by company pressure because Ronnie Foster had hired the PR company MCM of which Desmond Seales is both Chairman and Account Director of MCM Media and Public Relations, as well as being the Chief Executive and Publisher of the Cayman Net News Group.

Is this not a direct conflict of interest? Should not any article/story or letter that CNN publishes make a note of this conflict of interest so that readers can make up their mind if the article/story is bias due to the cozy relationship of Seales to both companies?

Looks like hell will freeze over before CNN publishes any more articles on the Indies Suites situation that show Ronnie Foster in anything but a god-like position.

So what did they do with all the information they dug up for the follow up story?

Was it so unfavorable to MCM Media’s new client Ronnie Foster that was shelved?

Oh by the way under a letter to the editor to CNN in June 15 paper the following appeared:

Editor’s note: Any relationship between Cayman Net News and other Group companies and/or their customers has no bearing whatsoever on editorial content or decisions

Based on CNN actions noted in this letter, if anyone believes this editor’s note contact me as I have some swamp, sorry low land in Florida for sale.

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