Open letter on sports

This is an open letter to the Minister of Sport or rather Minister of Sports as the post has been referred to over the last few years.

I was desperately trying to get some much needed exercise at the back George Hicks High; I prefer not to call it the Truman Bodden Sports Complex lest I offend Mr. Bodden.

Almost one year after Hurricane Ivan, the lighting situation in that area is practically non-existent, not even in the carpark.

If it were not for the wonderful glow from the Field of Dreams and a full moon I would have been in total darkness.

I wondered how nice it would have been for the Government to be as adequately funded as the ‘Little League’.

The only visible light in the area behind GHHS and the running track were the eve lights of the Lion’s Pool building and a spotlight on the eve of one of the buildings at the back of George Hicks High School.

Five minutes into my session a few young men arrived and hauled two generators from the back of two cars and dragged them to the centre of the field and proceeded to start them up and connected them to very inadequate lights on four poles cemented into car tyres.

They were trying to have football practice.

I looked across to the Field of Dreams and counted about 20 towers, each equipped with eight powerful spotlights.

That night they only needed to use about six towers for their softball game.

Victor Look Loy