Don’t blame music for ills

A recent personal experience has prompted pen to paper; an experience, which is reminiscent of the Dark Ages.

By now we are all familiar with the need of religion to censor any idea that goes against it or exposes it.

It is my concern for freedom and freedom of expression in this country that I write this letter. As my memory serves me, we are supposedly a Democratic society, but maybe there is someone out there who will let me know otherwise. Collins Concise Dictionary gives the meaning of Democracy as follows: 1. government by the people or their elected representatives, and 3. the practice or spirit of social equality.

(The majority is not always right, but we should all be given equal rights as long as the use of this privilege does not insult or injure anyone’s person or property).

A few days ago I called a particular radio station and requested The Court, part 2 by Mutabaruqa. For anyone not familiar with this song, there are no obscenities or profanities or allusions to sex (like the majority of songs I hear broadcasting), just lyrics that portray a court scene with the Bible/Christianity on trial, using the conflicts within the Bible against itself (to be brief). I found it rather refreshing and an “about-time-someone-said-it” type of song. It is using simple reasoning and logic, and the irony of all of this is that it is the same as this experience.

The announcer told me that they were unable to play this particular song for me. The announcer conceded that the radio station was OK with the song, but had decided to play the song much less. I was told that a few church folks had called in requesting that this song no longer be aired and the radio station was partially complying.

Now, remember, there are no profanities or obscenities (or allusion to sex) in the lyrics…just a thinking person reasoning logically.

But, of course the reasoning does not place the “word of God” in a good light…it highlights the fallibilities of the Bible. And there are many. I was raised a Christian. Religion was my minor at college.

Having information for and against something is always crucial in order to be fair and impartial.

Wasn’t it the Jesus of the Christian Bible who said to let the wheat and the tares grow together until harvest time?

We are told that to know who we are we need to know our history. This is no different for religion as it is for race or ethnicity. History repeats itself. Read the history of Christianity and you will find that it has the bloodiest history of any religion.

Do not let any one convince you for one minute that music is to blame for the ills of any society. We are all responsible for what we do. We make good or bad choices in life.

Since our country has traditionally been such a Christian country and some think that more religion is the cure of all ills, why is crime rising?

What our country needs is a better education system for our people to empower themselves with better information in order to make better choices.

I have no problem with anyone practicing religion, just with the judgment of the self-righteous.

I say, play Mutabaruqa songs and stop allowing menacing censorship by the uninformed public with good intentions. Trying to keep your own people unexposed is fatalistic to the furtherance of knowledge. And knowledge is power.

Know your past, and then you can know your future.

Cheryl Hunt