Today’s Editorial August 2: HSA needs time

The new medical director of the Health Services Authority, Dr. Tamer Tadros, has a tremendous challenge on his hands.

Getting the HSA back on track will be no easy task, and will not happen overnight.

Dr. Tadros has a lot of enthusiasm for his new job and an impressive track record, but those factors will not ensure his success. Indeed, several key HSA employees in the past have exhibited similar traits, only to see their efforts thwarted and their plans unfulfilled.

Dr. Tadros has come to an HSA that has had a lot of setbacks recently and where staff morale is low.

But the new medical director has come with a plan on how to right the HSA ship.

He will deal with the urgent problems as a matter of urgency, and tackle the other problems over a longer period of time.

He realises, however, that all problems are linked to the overall picture at the HSA, so addressing the long-term problems later does not mean forgetting about them.

Dr. Tadros’ first priority, as it should be, is patient care.

However, to build the hospital into a world-class institution as he envisions, Dr. Tadros is going to need co-operation.

That cooperation starts with patience from the public; this transition will take some time.

Dr. Tadros also needs cooperation from the Government, in terms of funding, and in terms of supporting his decisions.

In the past, some health service professionals coming from overseas have seen their efforts undermined by considerations other than healthcare. Sometimes political factors have been the primary impetus for an HSA decision, and Dr. Tadros will need this not to be the case if he is to be successful.

Dr. Tadros will also have to have the support of his staff, particularly his Caymanian staff.

When it comes to healthcare, there is no room for jealousies borne in nationalism. Sick or injured people go to the hospital for healing. The only criteria for choosing who is best to do that should be ability.

Instead of some of the backbiting that has gone on at the hospital in the past, all of the HSA team needs to pull together f Dr. Tadros, or anyone, is to bring world-class healthcare to the Cayman Islands.