No answer on bypass

No particular timetable could be given as to when the new bypass would be open and people could drive up to the Ritz Carlton, Minister Arden McLean told the Cabinet press briefing.

And if some of the issues could be addressed on the present road system to alleviate the traffic now and work continued on the bypass as money became available, then there would not be such an urgency to have the bypass, he said.

Answering questions on Friday, Mr. McLean said a figure of $1.5 million had recently been approved for work on the next phase of the bypass.

The total cost of the project to get up to Lime Tree Bay was $15 million, he told the briefing.

Mr. McLean said he believed there were new ways and means and initiatives that could be employed to take people in and out of West Bay in less time.

People should be able to travel in less time than they did now, particularly in the rush hour, he said.

He had always supported two lanes in and two lanes out, with interchangeable lights along the road, he said.

Things would have to be looked at with the technical people, he added.