Madman Matterhorn hits GT

Watch out Grand Cayman, there’s a madman on the loose.

‘Mentally-ill’ Tony Matterhorn will be performing Downtown George Town tonight at the big ‘Summer Bling 2k5’ event alongside local sounds DJ TNT, Studio 1 and Audax. The gates open at 8.30pm and the event is expected to last until 3am, say organisers.

Tickets for the event are $15 and available from Reflections Party Central and Mirco Centre.

According to a Higher Heights Promotions press release, Matterhorn has definitely made it to the top in his chosen profession and is dedicated to maintaining his position by giving his audience new flavours to sample.

Mentally-ill he may be, but there’s an underlying hint of sanity in there somewhere that keeps on getting him his respect.

At Spring Bling in March, over 1,600 people turned out to hear the juggling extremist at work.

Descriptions of soundmen are often varied, but the young selector has a uniqueness that has resulted in his ever-increasing popularity all over the world and the unmistakable label of ‘Mentally Ill.’ Tony Matterhorn is currently setting the trend in dancehalls everywhere.


Back in 1988, Tony Matterhorn aged 16 lived next door to Inner City sound system. He used to watch and listen to the sound before becoming active in playing records on the set when it had been strung up.

By 1989, Tony started following the sound, but his break came in 1990 when one evening the sound was playing out at Greenwich Farm and none of the selectors turned up. Tony took this opportunity to showcase his talent.

After that event, the news spread and the youngster started his upward spiral towards success gaining the moniker ‘Matterhorn’ due to the fact that only smoked Matterhorn cigarettes.

Coming from a musical background, his dad was in a band, Tony had the music vibe in his blood.

It was not long before his talents were spotted by King Addies. The year was 1993 when Tony joined Addies playing out at their fourth show with Saxon sound system from London.

His working relationship with Addies lasted until 1998 when he debuted solo at the Fully Loaded show at Fort Clarence Beach. The Bruk Out riddim became his anthem with ‘Tony Matterhorn’ being substituted for Bruk Out and he made his indelible mark in the business.

His accomplishments in the business are exemplary as not many people, be them soundmen, artists or entertainers, can be successful in a group and also solo

Being internationally successful has taken Tony all over the Caribbean, Canada, Britain, and Japan, but he would really like to go to Switzerland for the first time so he can see the actual mountain called Matterhorn and ‘take some pictures on the mountain.’

When asked about any current dancehall influences, Tony is honest in that he feels ‘currently, mi a set de trend. Now you have people motivated by me.’

As such he advises up and coming soundmen to ‘have a clean heart towards it. Jus say you know you can do it. You will do it.’

The event is endorsed by Heineken and Reflections and sponsored by Appleton, Pit Bull Energy Drink and La Petite Beauty and Barber and Mike’s Ice.