New theatre company formed

A group of Caymanian dramatists have come together to form the Backyard Caboose Theatre Company with the aim to amuse, entertain and educate society.

One of its founding members, Quincy Brown, said the new venture seeks partially to provide a lot of laughs to the public.

‘We’re going to be poking fun at life in the Caymanian Society,’ he said.

‘People come to Dave Martins’ Rundown and enjoy it, but it’s only once a year. There are 12 months in a year, and the BCTC aims to fill that gap.’

The group hopes to present its first production, Mr. Brown’s own comedy called Town Scandal in October or November of this year, he said.

With the Harquail Theatre severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan and yet repaired, Mr. Brown said the BCTC has been invited to use the Prospect Playhouse.

Not all of its productions will be comedies, Mr. Brown said.

‘It’s not just about laughs,’ he said. ‘There will be some cries, too.

‘The BCTC will be tackling some serious issues that need to be addressed in this society, such as drug use, incest, rape and domestic abuse.’

Members of the theatre company will be encouraged to write their own dramas for production, Mr. Brown said.

‘The group is not just for actors, but for dramatists.’

The BCTC will also produce some Jamaican and other Caribbean dramas.

‘But the major focus is to keep it Caymanian,’ he said.

Membership is open to the public, with one provision.

‘The BCTC is for those Caymanian or Caymanian at heart,’ he said.

Other founding members of the group include Marva Reid, Tanya Ebanks and Paula Rose Scott-Thyme, from whom the name of the theatre company came.

Mrs. Scott-Thyme has a small restaurant at her house on Smith Road called Backyard Caboose and gave permission for the theatre company to use the name.

For more information about the BCTC, contact Mr. Brown at 939-7889.