Today’s Editorial: Baton relays unity, peace

History came to the shores of the Cayman Islands this past weekend as the Queen’s Baton made its way through district after district.

This was the first time Cayman participated in the Queen’s Baton Relay, which is a precursor to the Commonwealth Games.

Cayman was the 41st country to receive the baton this year and is one of 71 countries that will participate in the games.

These games are the second largest multi-sports game and always have a nice family atmosphere.

They are a lot like the Olympics, but cosier and much more laid back.

It’s a positive event that is good for sports and good for half the world.

That’s what makes it no nice that the Cayman Islands is involved.

As for the relay, it is one of the great traditions of the games, having been the curtain raiser to every games since Cardiff, Wales, in 1958.

The relay symbolizes the gathering of people from across the Commonwealth at the four-yearly festival of sport and culture.

Over the years the Queen’s Baton Relay has evolved into a powerful symbol of the unity and diversity of the Commonwealth of Nations.

In the Cayman Islands the relay brought a chance for everyone to learn a little bit more about the baton, the relay and the games themselves.

We gave our Australian visitors and bearers of the baton a warm Caymanian welcome and even treated them to island cuisine such as turtle, fish, plantain and cassava.

As the baton was being relayed throughout the country, images of the event were being sent heavenward to a satellite and beamed to awaiting computers in Australia.

Eventually the images taken via a camera installed in the baton will be broadcast on the Internet where pictures of the relay in the Seychelles, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and more.

Now that the baton has passed through the Cayman Islands, we must commit ourselves to supporting our athletes at next year’s Commonwealth Games and to always supporting the positive ideals of the Commonwealth, which are unity, peace and cooperation.