Today’s Editorial August 11: On setting goals

Congratulations to the Government for setting its 11 goals earlier this week.

It’s an excellent list and contains many doable ideas.

It’s a list filled with current and long-term issues that need to be addressed now so they can be better managed in the future.

Because of work already done within Government, many of the goals are quickly attainable.

Take for instance the establishment of a forensic service to better control crime in the Cayman Islands.

Such a service is available and being expanded at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

To address the crime problem, members of the elected Government are aware that they will have to enact new legislation with tougher penalties for crimes. We await their tabling of such legislation and pray it does, indeed, strengthen the country’s penal code.

There’s already a new chief of the hospital who knows patient care comes first and foremost, but the hospital must become financially viable. It’s one of Government’s goals to work with that institution to come up with ways to fight diseases and to ensure affordable healthcare for all.

A national transportation plan for Grand Cayman is another of Government’s goals. We anxiously await the details.

We welcome the goal to enact freedom of information legislation and hope it will go hand-in-hand with freedom of the press.

At least one goal, establishing a culture of openness and honesty in government, won’t cost the country a cent. That goal can be achieved from the top down by actually being open and honest in all phases of government. The elected leaders will set the tone and be an example for all who get a government pay cheque.

There’s also a goal to provide for people with special needs.

Minister Arden McLean has already gotten the ball rolling promising to beef up the laws that prohibit healthy drivers from parking in handicapped parking spaces. He has this newspaper’s support 100 per cent on that effort.

In fact all of Government has this newspaper’s support on achieving its goals.

Goal setting is a powerful technique that can yield strong returns.

The 11 goals that Government set are a good start.

Now comes the hard part – implementing them.

Money will have to be spent to achieve many of the goals. Details of where the infusion of cash will come from are anxiously awaited.