Church honours grads

The Church of God Chapel in West Bay recently held a celebration service in honour of graduates.

Honoured were: Elizabeth Bowen and Dave Kelly, Advanced Diploma of Practical Theology, International Seminary; Margarita Howell and Miriam Powery-Biel, Diploma of Practical Theology, International Seminary; Crispin Myles, B.A. in Music, Anderson University; Michell Ebanks, Julian Powery and Shareen Ebanks, John Gray High School; and Jasmine Powery, Quality Child Care Preschool.

All graduates wore their gowns and marched in procession. Pastor Stanwyck Myles gave the message, encouraging the graduates to always trust in God and let Him lead them so they would be able to rise above every difficulty.

Pastor Myles told the graduates that, like Moses, God has his hand upon them and has a job for them that no one else can do. He told them that this is not an end but a beginning and encouraged the graduates to not only be leaders in the church but also in the country and the world.

Each graduate was presented with a gift.

Rev. Judy Williams, Director of International Seminary, attended the service, giving the closing prayer and Benediction.