Public works staff earns kudos

Public Works employees were praised for their resilience and adaptability at a celebration lunch held recently in recognition of the key role staff played in the Islands’ recovery after Hurricane Ivan.

Public Works Director Max Jones thanked staff for ‘putting PWD back on the map’ after the department suffered severe equipment losses and damage to their offices, said a GIS press release.

‘Ivan gave us and continues to give us a workload as we have never seen before, and I want to thank our staff for their enormous efforts that sped up the recovery in so many ways,’ said Mr. Jones.

Announcing that the first phase of repairs to the PWD compound have been finished, Mr. Jones told staff that the long awaited salary review will soon reach completion, followed by a new strategic business plan for the department.

With an organisational review well under way, the department is remodelling itself to become more streamlined, efficient and competitive, and staff heard about some of the new measures that will be incorporated. These include client feedback, upgrading of tools and facilities and an increased emphasis on local and overseas training for staff, the release said.

The department has also appointed a human resources manager that will guide staff training and enhance their career opportunities.

Most of the restructuring within PWD has been uniquely driven by an in-house ‘Change Crew’ made up of rank and file staff, and Mr. Jones restated an invitation to all personnel to give their input in the reorganisation of the department.

‘Our aim is to enhance our work methods, improve communication within the department and give our employees better job satisfaction. I want to thank everyone for working with management in this endeavour and want to ask staff to continue to share in the process,’ he said.

Also attending the luncheon was the Minister for Communications, Infrastructure and Works Arden McLean. He congratulated the department on weathering the storms, some of them literal. ‘You had just recovered from Ivan, when you showed us what you were made of by preparing for hurricanes Emily and Dennis in a speedy and efficient manner.’

He applauded the organisational review and pledged his full support to staff. ‘I consider PWD a key government department and will be watching future developments closely.’

Underscoring the department’s new drive for continued training, the minister added: ‘I believe everyone should be respected and rewarded for their input. I also recognize the importance of training as a way to empower employees, so they will not lose out on the opportunities there are for promotion within the department.’