Cayman Sea Salt sells

Two local women have just proved they are worth their salt.

The mother/daughter duo has launched a brand new product on the market, Cayman Sea Salt, a 100 per cent Cayman Islands food product. The company, Cayman Sea Salt Co. Ltd. comprises of daughter Vanessa Polack, Marketing and Sales Manager and Monique Polack, her mother, Production and Packaging Manager.

After several years of research the company harvested its first successful sea salt crop from the sea of the Cayman Islands. The company will produce a limited edition of 100 jars of sea salt from the first crop.

A commemorative limited edition jar was presented to Tourism Minister Charles Clifford by the women at the Ministry of Tourism, Government Administration Building last week.

‘I commend this company for the initiative, for the production and marketing of this product which can be made available to the Cayman Craftmarket for cruise passengers, and indeed, for stay-over passengers and residents,’ he said.

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Minister Clifford added that whatever the Ministry can do to help with the new product, it would be prepared to do it.

The gourmet food product will be marketed initially to the tourist market with expansion plans for the local and international market.

This mariculture business comprises 100 per cent solar evaporation production of sea water from the Cayman Islands to sea salt.

The product will be available in two sizes, a small 2oz. gift pack in a cloth bag expected to retail for US$5 and a larger glass gift jar which will retail for approximately US$10. Cayman Sea Salt is hand produced with no additives.

The operation is located at Tarpon Springs in Breakers, Grand Cayman and consists of solar evaporation of sea water, harvesting approximately two crops per year as opposed to the industry standard of one per year.

Vanessa explained that they are producing approximately 3,000 units per month, each unit consisting of 3 to 4oz.

Unlike other salt producing countries in Europe or the Mediterranean, Cayman does not have coastal land available for sea salt production, hence the necessity to use expensive tanks and support equipment, say the producers.

‘We pump the seawater from a specific location and it is brought to our site and put in concentration tanks. It then takes four to six months and once it is set at a certain rate then it starts to produce salt and is put in the sun and the water evaporates,’ she said.

Cayman Sea Salt Co. Ltd. is a unique gourmet food product being completely produced in the Cayman Islands. They also lay claim that it is the first 100 per cent Cayman Islands food product to be locally produced in decades since Mr. Otto Watler’s honey.

‘The production of solar sea salt, being a mariculture business, is a long-term investment that requires an enormous amount of patience, dedication and hard work,’ says the company.

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