Bad mind a bellyful of laughs

Bad Mind, Jamaica’s latest comedy play was a roaring success for organisers and a bellyful of laughs for attendees.

In fact one member of the Sunday night audience laughed so hard her chair collapsed into pieces.

And that caused all those at Kings Sports Centre to erupt into even greater fits of laughter.

Fifteen-hundred people packed into the centre and not even standing room could be found as the crowd spilled over in the foyer.

Not a minute of the three and a half hour play was boring. The twist and turns of the play had the crowd laughing all the way.

The production, smartly written and directed by Everton Dawkins, featured a talented cast effectively creating a hilarious look at living next door in Jamaica.

Music coordinated to fit the scene also kept the production lively and the audience in a dancing mood.

The play starring Garfield Reid as Mr. Bigs, Maxwell Grant as Papa D, Cleve Waren as Andrew the school boy, Juliet Shank as Anty Mama and Suzette Barrett as Tiny the school girl takes place in a small tenement yard.

The yard is shared by tenants Papa D and Anty Mama who both have school-age kids.

From the onset it was apparent that Papa D sought the affection of Anty Mama but somehow could not get it

This created lots of laughs as they battled each other over lifestyles and kids. Papa D loves money and will stoop to underhandedness to achieve it, while Anty Mama professes to be a Christian woman.

School Boy Andrew and Tiny like each other, but this does not stop Papa D from collecting money from Mr. Bigs, a gunman who seeks his daughter’s attention.

A laced cigarette given to Papa D by Mr. Bigs to make Andrew mad backfires and Mr. Bigs finds himself on the receiving end.

Through her love for Andrew, Tiny finds a way to give Andrew all the money to pay for his schooling.

Andrew passes all his subjects with distinction so does Tiny. Andrew heads off to Oxford College in England, but not before proposing to Tiny.

Returning as a doctor he and Tiny get married and Anty Mama and Papa D also find a loving relationship with each other to give the play a nice ending.