Delegation off to Fiji

A Cayman Islands delegation left this country yesterday headed to Fiji.

The 51st Plenary and 25th Small Countries Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association is being hosted by the Fiji Branch of the CPA from 2-10 September.

Attending the Conferences from the Cayman Islands Branch of the CPA are Leader of the Delegation and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Edna M. Moyle, President of the Branch Capt. A Eugene Ebanks and Miss Lucille D Seymour, observer, states a press release.

The annual Plenary Conferences of the CPA provide a forum for analytical debate on global political issues and developments in the parliamentary system among leading parliamentarians representing parliaments and legislatures throughout the commonwealth.

Conferences for Small Countries precede the plenary for discussion on political problems and the operation of democratic systems in some of the world’s smallest jurisdictions. Representatives from more than 30 jurisdictions with populations of up to a ceiling of 400,000 people are invited to attend this Conference.

The Small Countries Conference this year will cover topics on the following:

The Impact of Information Technology on Development and Society

Fair Trade for Small Countries

How Small Countries will be Impacted Upon by Natural Disasters and Global Warming – Effective Early Warning, Relief and Construction; and Networking for Development.

‘Commonwealth Parliamentarians in Partnership for Global Development’ is the theme for the Plenary Conference. Workshop topics include:

Millennium Development Goal 1 – Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

Millennium Development Goal 6 – Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases

Millenium Development Goal 8 – Develop a Global Partnership for Development

The Role of Parliament in Conflict-Affected Countries

Debt Relief and Development Aid Delivery

Fighting Corruption – What Can Parliamentarians Do?

Tree Plenary sessions will include topics on:

Natural Disasters – Effective Early Warning, Relief and Reconstruction

Millennium Development Goal 3 – Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Democratic Parliamentary System of a Constitutional Government.